The day it hit me

Mindfulness and meditation have become a regular part of my everyday routine and I believe that they make my life happier and less stressful. Nevertheless, at times I wonder if they truly are making my life better or do I just believe that they are – whether they are actually no more than one sort of placebo. Even though the moment I am meditating or doing my mindfulness practices I feel happy and calm, I still have been looking for a validation that they are leading to true results. A few weeks ago, however, I realized that I’m on the right track. I hope what I’m about to share with you inspires you to see the benefits of being mindful and present.

It was an ordinary day, I was doing ordinary stuff at an ordinary time and then it hit me. Big time. At least for me it was big. Even though it happened a while back, I am still unbelievably grateful and happy that on that Thursday I finally felt completely connected with the universe and myself.

I was doing my grocery shopping at a shopping mall when I noticed a shift. Do you know the feeling when you are sort of looking yourself from the outside? Well, this time I felt like watching the whole world from the outside. Does that make sense to you guys? I was watching all those people who, looking stressed, carried huge shopping bags, popped into fully-packed stores, texted while walking and talked on the phone while trying to manage strollers in the crowded ailes. They leaped stairs two at a time only to hurry to the next shop and looking grumpy whenever a seller started a conversation with them. I was no longer one of them, I was something else.

I was happy, calm and to my surprise, it was quiet around me. At last, I was able to close the world off, as if I had a little bubble around me. The busyness of my surroundings seemed distant and muted, even though the mall was buzzing like a bee nest.


For a highly sensitive person big crowds and strange faces normally cause anxiety and stress. To visit a local supermarket is not in my comfortable zone, let alone pacing the floors of a busy mall. However, it seems that mindfulness, meditation and other life changes I have made have brought me to that stage of my life where I can be truly happy in an anxiety-filled situation.

I no longer long for the consumerism filled world to which we Millennials are brought up to. I don’t have to reach my phone when waiting for a friend in a street corner or a coffee shop nor do I have to wait for the sunset to see the incredible beauty of nature. I can be quiet with me and the universe and just breathe. The peace I felt in my whole body that Thursday, is inside me. It seems some sort of light bulb went off in my head at that moment, because now, no matter the situation, I can reach for the same peace again and again. Dear fellow Hsps, minimalists and other wonderful people reading this blog, to be able to be in peace anytime, anywhere is almost the best feeling in the whole wide world. ❤

– Kati

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